• White Rock Theatre

    Hastings TN34 1JX, UK .

    White Rock Theatre has a history of staging versatile and quality events.

  • Hastings Old Town

    George Street, Hastings TN34 3EE, UK .

    Hastings Old Town is just a 10 minute stroll from Number 46. Historical buildings dating back centuries. The area is full of character. Plenty of places to eat and drink all day. Lots of independent boutiques and antique shops along George Street and the local lanes. You'll be pleasantly surprised around every corner. 

  • Rock-a-Nore

    Rock-A-Nore Road, Hastings TN34 3DW, UK .

    Rock-a-Nore is an urban area of Hastings, stretching from the Old Town area along Rock-a-Nore Road between the cliffs and the beach called The Stade. Its name was officially adopted in 1859 and derives from a former building "lyinge to the Mayne Rock against the north".

    Rock-a-Nore contains the Blue Reef Aquarium, the Fishermen's Museum, and the East Hill Cliff Railway, and borders The Stade, with its tall black wooden "net shop" sheds, which were built to provide a weather proof store for the fishing gear. The sheds are tarred black and weatherboarded.


  • Hastings Country Park

    Martineau Lane, Hastings TN35 5DR, UK .

    Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve is the most prestigious area of biodiversity management in the Borough. It is the largest area of public open space in the area, with spectacular views along each pathway. 

    East Hill Cliff Railway, or East Hill Lift, is a funicular railway located in the English seaside town of Hastings. It provides access to Hastings Country Park via the East Hill, which overlooks the Old Town and Rock-a-Nore, an area to the east of Hastings. 

  • Alexandra Park

    TN34 2LQ .

    Alexandra Park is famed for its arboretum (tree collection) as it has one of the best collections of trees in Britian.

    The park lies within a valley and as such is long and linear. It starts flat and progressively goes up hill towards the north of the town.

    It is Hastings largest formal park 44 hectares (109 acres) stretching for 2.5 miles through the heart of the town. It consists of the lower formal gardens and the more wild northern wooded areas.